Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Benefit Logo for FormsRivetti Financial has administered your disability insurance programs since 1979. As part of your union contract through CIR, the County of Los Angeles provides you with group disability insurance coverage. This includes a short term and a long term plan. All housestaff who are paid by the County of Los Angeles are automatically covered under this plan at no cost. More information may be found here in the House Staff Benefits Plan booklet. Contact us with any questions.

Individual Disability Insurance • Discounted Rates

Harbor-UCLA disability insurance programs will provide residents and fellows the opportunity of obtaining significantly discounted rates on disability income protection. The discounted programs are offered through a few of the most prominent disability insurance carriers for physicians. Through these programs, residents and fellows can protect their new income levels and obtain Specialty Specific coverage at permanently discounted rates.

Specialty Specific
The most important aspect of a disability insurance policy is the definition of disability. As a physician, your policy should consist of an Own Occupation and Specialty Specific definition. This protects you within your specific medical specialty. For example, if a surgeon can no longer perform surgery, he/she may continue to collect disability benefits even after returning to work in a new specialty or occupation.

Discounted Rates
Residents and fellows are eligible for discounted rates. In some cases, these discounts may be gender neutral, which may reduce the cost for female physicians by nearly 50% below the female rates that carriers typically charge.

Ability to Cover New and Future Income
With the addition of a Future Insurability Option (FIO), you may increase your coverage to higher amounts without any additional medical underwriting. As your income increases and the need for additional disability protection rises, you may apply for additional coverage regardless of any changes to your health.

Ability to Customize Benefit Amount
Residents and fellows who are completing their training have the ability to apply for higher amounts of coverage. For those still in residency or those pursuing a fellowship position, you may obtain smaller amounts of coverage. This allows you to lock in the discounted rates, while keeping the premium cost low for the remainder of your training years.

Guarantee Standard Issue (GSI)
If you have a pre-existing condition that would otherwise prevent you from qualifying for disability coverage, you may be eligible for a special Guarantee Standard Issue (GSI) program. All residents and fellows may obtain disability coverage regardless of their current or past health status. If you fall into this category, please be sure to review your GSI options. You are only eligible for this program while at Harbor-UCLA.

Contact Tyler L. Rivetti, FSS, LUTCF at (818) 878-7800 or email tyler@rivettifinancial.com to review your options or request a no obligation quote.